Hot Springs, Virginia is well known for it’s beauty and famous for the natural springs which are said to have healing properties.  The surrounding hills and mountains are littered with some of the most desirable and expensive real estate in the Shenandoah Valley.  The Springs attracted many millionaires to the area in the Gilded Age where they built large and stylish vacation homes.  Today the largest attraction is the famous Homestead Omni Hotel and Resort.

The town of Hot Springs today attracts vacationers, golfers, music lovers, foodies and those seeking luxury and solitude.  The town is accessible by car or by plane as there is a small airport that receives guests.

Media Rocket worked closely with Dreama Anderson of 1st Choice Real Estate in Staunton on this project.  Dreama comes from a marketing background, working with some of the biggest clothing brands in New York City.  Her background helped her understand the importance of presentation and so she came to Media Rocket to help with capturing this property and it’s location.

The beautiful home and location called for a full photo shoot using drone and conventional photography, as well as video to highlight the best features of the property and the location.  Dreama and I were able to meet and discuss what she wanted the video to look like as well as the style of photos she liked.  After listening, we were able to meet all of her needs with this project.

Check out the  video below and see the beautiful town of Hot Springs, Virginia and the lovely home at 5210 Sam Snead Highway.