Last month I was lucky enough to be contacted by Don Largent Roofing help develop content for their new and upcoming website.

Don Largent Roofing is perhaps the top roofer in Harrisonburg, Virginia for commercial properties.  They have been putting roofs on James Madison University‘s buildings for over 30 years and they are known to install the roofs on many other large public projects including Harrisonburg High School.

For this project Don Largent Roofing wanted beautiful photos of their roofing products and the buildings they have put them on.  The Drone was the necessary choice for equipment though I took my handheld for support.  This project required a lot of coordination with the managers of the buildings that I would be shooting.

Overall I photographed 6 different roofing materials at locations ranging from Buena Vista, Virginia to Winchester, Virginia.

Over the course of several weeks of planning, two days of shooting, and many hours of editing we were able to produce some great results from Munters in Buena Vista, the Smithland/Skyline School in Harrisonburg, Harrisonburg High School, the Forbes Center for the Performing Arts at JMU, University Park at JMU, and Frederick County Middle School in Winchester.